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Domiciliary Care

Quality Care When You Need It

Domiciliary care enables you or a loved one to remain in the setting where you feel most at ease—your home. We offer continuous, fully constructed support. your demands and daily schedule.

Domiciliary care, often known as care at home, is becoming increasingly popular because it gives families back control over the assistance they receive and when they need it. The care plan is entirely created around your schedule with one-on-one personal attention from a visiting carer, allowing you to live as independently as possible in the area you love. You can choose from a variety of domiciliary care services at tripleosservices Health Care Professionals Ltd. Care might begin with visits lasting as little as 30 minutes and go up to many visits each day. You can also contact a carer for emergencies around-the-clock.

All our carers are well-trained and, we’ll carefully match you with someone who fits your personality and interests. Call us today to find out more about our Domiciliary Care Services.

How It Works:

Speak with a member of our care team to learn how our live-in package can benefit you and for guidance on utilising our care plan. From here, we may arrange a complimentary in-person appointment to go over your needs in greater depth.

Following the initial assessment, you will meet the care manager in person to go over how we can best assist you. From here, we may set up a care plan that takes into account your requirements, routine, and schedule.

After the consultation, we will then match you with a carer that both suits your needs and is qualified to help with any medical conditions you may have. All our staff are trained with updated DBS checks to ensure the best possible service.

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